Terms and Conditions

Agreement between Made in the Hood and the Artist

I, the Artist, understand that photographs and details of my goods will be published on the website www.madeinthehood.co.uk.

I agree to pay fees in accordance with the schedule below:-

4 months listing on the website – £20, payable at the start of the period
Any changes required by the Artist during that 4 month period will be charged at £1 per item

12 months listing on the website – £50 payable at the start of the period
There will be an opportunity to change the items listed twice during the 12 month period. This would normally be at 4 monthly intervals, or at times mutually agreed between the Artist and Made in the Hood.

For artists wishing to integrate PayPal with their listed items this will incur a £20 set-up fee.

Payment may be made by direct transfer into account using the Artist’s name as the reference

Alternatively, payment may be made by cheque to ‘Made in the Hood’,

Made in the Hood will e-mail confirmation of the start and end dates on receipt of payment.

Made in the Hood will publish an artist’s profile page, plus up to 10 product pages, with one or two images per product.

I confirm that my goods are not subject to any lien, burden or charge and I am entitled to sell them. My goods are handmade locally, of merchantable quality and fit for purpose.

I will ensure that all information given to Made in the Hood is listed, described and priced accurately. I understand that reasonable measures will be taken to ensure the accuracy of my information on the website.

I give permission for images of my goods to be used by Made in the Hood in publicity material if required.

Made in the Hood does not handle transactions between Artists and customers, and is not responsible for any contracts or transactions entered into by the Artist and third parties.

New memberships will be accepted between January and April or in September or October of any given year.

By making a payment of fees to Made in the Hood I confirm agreement with the terms listed above.