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New Craft Venture in North Hampshire

It started with a chance remark “What lovely scarves – did you make them?”
As they talked, neighbours Helen & Teresa realised they both enjoyed producing hand-made crafts, and would like to sell them, but didn’t have an outlet, and neither felt they could justify the time or expense of creating and maintaining their own websites.
“Wouldn’t it be nice if a few of us in the village could get together on a shared craft website?” Then the penny dropped. Between them, the pair had the web design, business and marketing experience to make this happen, and they set to work. It is possible to buy crafts from small producers via commercial websites like, but the goods could come from anywhere in the world. “We wanted to create an environment where local customers could find talented local craftspeople and arrange to view & buy their products. We presented our idea at local meetings, and have been delighted to find so many talented local craftspeople with the same vision”
and so Made in the Hood was born!
The website was launched at Woolton Hill Village Market with work by its first 6 artists, and the collective can be seen at local craft shows during the next few months. More artists are in the process of signing up as people realise the benefits of sharing marketing costs – and handing over the website maintenance tasks to someone else!

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Made in the Hood launched at Woolton Hill Village Market

Whether you skill is in ceramics, paints, wood, metals or needlecraft, there is a place for you in Made in the Hood.
Contact Helen Carlile & Teresa Munn on
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