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Bangle Jewellery

Bangle Jewellery was established in 2009 by Brenda Harding and Angela Tiley.

We decided to incorporate our love of colour and fashion into designing a range of hand-made jewellery.

We work with freshwater pearls, lampwork beads, semi-precious stones and sterling silver to produce pieces

which are unique and affordable.

By working together we are able to exchange ideas to enhance our creativity.


Contact email:

Contact telephone no: 07881 605076

Viewing is by appointment only and commissions are undertaken.

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Carolyn Towers Wood

I originally studied Modern Languages at Nottingham University, but my passion for  art was not to be suppressed and later in life I did a 2 year painting course with The Open College of the Arts. I have been painting ever since and  experimenting with different media. My main interests are colour, texture and pattern and my main inspiration is nature, especially landscape, plants and still life. I like to use collage as a base for my work and enjoy trying out different methods of making marks, eg palette knives, silicon “brushes”, twigs, old credit cards etc.
I will undertake commissions.

You can contact me by email on

Telephone: 01635 254140

Mobile: 07799 586263

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Helen Carlile

I was taught to knit by my grandmother and enjoy creating a range of knitwear in a wide variety of textures materials. I am currently making ruffle and loopy scarves as well as wraps and shrugs in a wide range of colours. All my products are suitable for people who cannot wear wool and can be machine washed.

I also enjoy making preserves and using home grown produce to provide fresh, tasty, preservative and additive free jams and chutneys. This year I has been fantastic for apples hence the wide range of apple based jellies and chutneys.

e-mail -

Tel - 07919 563200



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Helen Mortimer

My paintings on silk are initially inspired by architectural drawings from travels around the UK and abroad, in particular to Spain. They then form the ideas for more abstract work, where architectural elements are deconstructed and reconstructed, in some instances also in repeat.

Giclée is the process of making fine art prints from original work. These limited edition prints are high quality, using colours faithful to the original silk painting.


Email:  Tel: 07979 805908


I am happy to accept commissions.

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Helen Williams


My interest in working in ceramics has derived from my other passion, dogs.  The wonderful Afghan potter, June Leach, when I was visiting her, in her studio, handed me a piece of clay and said “now make a Saluki”  Her next comments were to attend classes and learn how  to do things properly.  So many years ago I wandered into Jane Baike’s classes and now I am a student of Chris Lack.

Today my passions are not limited to dogs as many of my pieces are either of chickens, hares, fish or even the occasional frog, often as you have never seen them before.

I have exhibited my pottery at The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London and many of my photographs have appeared in magazines and books.

I can be contacted on

My web site is

I am happy to accept commissions.

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Jane A. Vince

Jane A Vince


I was very keen on art at school and gained a ‘O’ level. I then joined evening classes to paint china with a leading painter from Royal Worcester Porcelain. Then however work commitments and having my two children intervened meaning painting took a back seat until I retired.

I now attend regular painting sessions with Frankie Cummins and occasional workshops with Claire Warner who are both very supportive. I love the transparency of watercolours; you can’t make mistakes you just have to live dangerously to get the best out of them!! .

I started off painting still life but now love painting flowers, animals and the occasional landscapes.

I have recently had a successful first solo exhibition in Arundel and regularly exhibit with Newbury Art Group.

Contact: Telephone 01635 255478 or Email

Commissions: I will accept commissions.

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Jo Arkell

Following a 3 year Arts degree majoring in Ceramics and an apprenticeship at a production pottery in South Africa, I opened my first studio in Durban, firing a self-built oil/gas kiln. After moving to Germany in 1974, to study Industrial Ceramics at the HBK, I started my second studio making stoneware and porcelain production pots. In 1980 a friend and I opened the very successful ‘Galerie der Kunsthandwerker’ exhibiting top British and European Modern Ceramics and Glass artists in Hamburg, which left little time for my own work so in 1988 I left Hamburg for the warm and sunny climes of South Africa to start another production pottery, this time with a large self built gas kiln. Due to a devastating accident in 1998, it was impossible to continue the demanding physical work of a potter, so I sidestepped into the world of glass having the opportunity of learning lampwork and working in the studio of maestro Davide Penso on the island of Murano, Venice. Glass is a fascinating medium to work with as it has colour, transparency, is versatile and has many properties similar to clay.

The call of the clay eventually meant that I am back on the potter’s wheel and fire to 1300⁰C in another self built gas kiln to make useful items to use and enjoy, and making beads that are enhancing to wear and to treasure. If you get the same pleasure from my work, then I have achieved my goal.

Moving to Smannell in Hampshire, I have opened two very small studios making pots and glass beads, set on sterling silver. Due to limited access the studio is only opened to the public by appointment.

Contact: or

Website: In the process of being updated.

Commissions: Unfortunately not at the moment.

Member of Open Studios West Berkshire & North Hampshire since 2009.


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Julie Smith

I inherited my love of embroidery from my grandmother, -  for many years I taught city and guilds embroidery and computer aided design.


I started studying glass as part of a project on transparency and became "hooked".


The whole process of inspiration, design and experimentation through to the finished piece is something I enjoy whether in either embroidery or glass.


Please contact me by email  on or by telephone on 01635 298157

I am happy to accept commissions ( limited by the size of my kiln).

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Keziah Burt

 I have been working as an artist taking private commissions in both sculpture and oil portraits since completing my masters in 2005.  In my portraits I love to capture the energy and vitality of the sitter.  It's a huge privilege to be asked to take a record a moment in a persons life. I want to celebrate the extraordinary beauty to be found in the faces we see everyday. My sculptures are also inspired by the human form  in an abstracted sense- exploring negative space and more traditional studies of the female form.
To view a selection of my work please click here.
I work predominately on a commission basis and am happy to discuss commissions with customers at my studio in person.

Telephone  01635 628 096  or MOBILE 07958 54 33 26

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Patricia Clarke

Patricia Clarke

Upon retirement I took a foundation diploma in art as a mature student
Although I love to paint, my first love is ceramics.
Whether I am producing a piece of studio pottery or an animal sculpture texture is important to me
Each piece is individual, some pieces are glazed whilst others are not, and I like to experiment with different clays.

Contact me on : -

I accept commissions

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Pearl Hailstone

The beauty of nature still inspires me as I visit different areas of 
England, the skies of Norfolk, hills of Cumbria, and granite coast of 
Cornwall, with water in it's various forms continuing to seep into much 
of my work. I try to capture the dramatic atmosphere in oils and acrylic 
as the light and colours change through the seasons.
Commissions accepted

Email: web

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Roelofs & Rubens

Situated in the West Berkshire/North Hampshire area, Roelofs & Rubens is a one-woman company designing and producing handmade and hand painted blue and white tableware, tiles and decorations.

‘I believe it’s time for something more contemporary on the old Welsh dresser’ says Piet van den Beuken, Roelofs & Rubens’ founder, owner and designer, ‘I have been a collector of blue and white crockery since I was a poor student in Amsterdam, believing that having all kinds of different patterned blue and white dishes was thrifty, because they were easy to replace with any other blue and white ware if they got smashed.
My collection grew when travelling and living abroad, but I noticed there was not much contemporary blue and white china available. A session at a ‘paint your own pottery’ café gave me the inspiration to start my own blue and white tableware company. My basic idea was a more modern blue and white line, handmade and hand painted with unique designs, avoiding the use of decals or transfers and to apply the same blue pigments on all wares, so ranges could easily be mixed and matched with each other and with the more traditional patterns that people already own.
Although having no knowledge of pottery or glazing whatsoever I bought a kiln, gave up my job as a kitchen shop manager and that was the beginning of Roelofs & Rubens. The name was chosen by my English friends from a choice list of continental sounding and sometimes unpronounceable names.
Production is all happening in our home. The dining room table is the design studio and it’s also where production takes place. Glazing and firing are done in the shed where the kiln is. The shed also doubles up as a showroom where our products are on display.

It took a year to develop thirty or more designs, to experiment with painting techniques, to produce stencils and stamps and to source a genuine English supplier of truly good quality English earthenware bisque and tiles’. The range has grown to include tiles, hanging decorations and other items.

Contact us on

Visit our website:

You can buy directly from our webshop or make an appointment to visit us 01635 253671. We're in Woolton Hill.
Or come and see us at the various events we attend (see .

Telephone: 01635 253671, 07502 158535

Commissions accepted on request.

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Sally Courage

Artist Details - Sally Courage

For the last few years I have had the opportunity to work from home and open my own gallery at Red Steps. I joined Newbury Open Studios in 2010 and have thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting with other artists.

Click here for my 2015 Opening Times

My principal passion is with form. I love making organic pots, often quite large. At various times these pots have turned into versions of the female form and wild fowl.  Recently I have been experimenting with more surface decoration to complement the form and blend with the natural world.

The items listed are examples of my work. Please contact me for further information and details.


Tel: 01635 278558

Commissions: I am happy to discuss any requests

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Simon Ball

I have been taking photos since the age of 9 years when my Gran gave me a Brownie box camera of about 1920 vintage!.

After leaving school and earning my own money I bought an SLR camera taking mainly black & white pictures, developing and printing in my bedroom. Later with the advent of better cameras and good quality colour slide film, I furthered my hobby amassing a vast collection of slides.

In 2002 wanting to take my hobby further I went to college evening classes taking a City & Guilds photography course. Over the next three years I studied seven modules in different aspects of photography gaining six distinctions & one credit which qualified me for an LRPS from the Royal Photographic Society.

After college I joined Hungerford Camera Club and am currently the competition secretary. My main area of interest is fine art landscape photography which combines my love of photography and wild places.

My love of photography is being out the landscape and capturing an image to best of my ability and then presenting it as a printed photograph that conveys the image that I wanted to show. With the advent of digital photography you have to try just that bit harder because all the world and his dog has a means of taking a snap whether it be camera or phone. I try and keep the Photoshop element to a minimum so retain the integrity of the image.

I also mount & frame my work as well as doing mounting & framing for other people.

I will accept commissions that I feel I can do justice to.

Contact Simon by email on or by phone on 01635 253853 or 07570796147


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Susan Line

I have been painting now for over fifteen years, and enjoy experimenting with a variety of subject matter and media.

The local country side and southern coastline provide me with an ever changing source of inspiration which I develop using colour, texture and expressive mark making.  I constantly experiment with encaustic wax, acrylic and oils, painting as intensely and expressively as possible.

Visitors to my studio are welcome by appointment.

You can contact me by telephone on  01635 253902 or  07768097509 and also by E-mail:

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Teresa Munn

I love the tactile nature of the ceramic surface.  I have learnt from Chris Lack over many years, and am now working towards an MA in Ceramics at UCA Farnham.  I like to experiment with clay and take it in different directions.

My work has been inspired by long walks along the south coast beaches and in our beautiful local countryside.  I investigate the division of lines, colours and textures of the rural landscape, and I am interested in how we perceive and interact with landscapes past and present.

I am currently exploring the use of text in my ceramics.  I mostly employ white earthenware clay, using copper and other oxides to provide contrast and depth.

My work will be on display in  Gallery 55 in Hartley Wintney from June 11th 2016, or you can see me with my latest work at various Made in the Hood events during the year.

I will be exhibiting at UCA Farnham MA Show in August 2016, and then at  Red Steps Gallery in Whitway in the autumn.

For more information  (and a glimpse of my videos! )see my blogspot 


E-mail -

Telephone - 07786 956051

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