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Situated in the West Berkshire/North Hampshire area, Roelofs & Rubens is a one-woman company designing and producing handmade and hand painted blue and white tableware, tiles and decorations.

‘I believe it’s time for something more contemporary on the old Welsh dresser’ says Piet van den Beuken, Roelofs & Rubens’ founder, owner and designer, ‘I have been a collector of blue and white crockery since I was a poor student in Amsterdam, believing that having all kinds of different patterned blue and white dishes was thrifty, because they were easy to replace with any other blue and white ware if they got smashed.
My collection grew when travelling and living abroad, but I noticed there was not much contemporary blue and white china available. A session at a ‘paint your own pottery’ café gave me the inspiration to start my own blue and white tableware company. My basic idea was a more modern blue and white line, handmade and hand painted with unique designs, avoiding the use of decals or transfers and to apply the same blue pigments on all wares, so ranges could easily be mixed and matched with each other and with the more traditional patterns that people already own.
Although having no knowledge of pottery or glazing whatsoever I bought a kiln, gave up my job as a kitchen shop manager and that was the beginning of Roelofs & Rubens. The name was chosen by my English friends from a choice list of continental sounding and sometimes unpronounceable names.
Production is all happening in our home. The dining room table is the design studio and it’s also where production takes place. Glazing and firing are done in the shed where the kiln is. The shed also doubles up as a showroom where our products are on display.

It took a year to develop thirty or more designs, to experiment with painting techniques, to produce stencils and stamps and to source a genuine English supplier of truly good quality English earthenware bisque and tiles’. The range has grown to include tiles, hanging decorations and other items.

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