Coloured hanging decorations

decs kerst gekleurd 200x200 Coloured hanging decorations

Coloured Hanging Decorations

Handmade and hand painted Ceramic Hanging Decoration. Crafted in the typical Roelofs & Rubens style in different non-blue colours. These funky and wonky ornaments are decorated on the both sides (front side "heart, camel, angel etc.” and reverse side "dots") .

Materials - The bisque we use is made from semi vitrified clay, glazed and fired at 1000ºC. The decorations are finished with glass beads and a coloured ribbon.

The decoration measures 8 cm. The beads and ribbon measure 10 cm. Actual beads and ribbons may vary.

Prices - £8

Where to buy -
Directly from our webshop

Please note that the accuracy of the information regarding this product is the responsibility of the artist.

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