Plant markers

basil marker sfeer 200x200 Plant markers

Plant Marker
Description - New for this year. Handmade and hand painted ceramic plant markers. Crafted in the typical blue and white Roelofs & Rubens style. These funky and wonky markers are decorated on the both sides (front side border, dots and plant name and reverse side dots).
Materials - The bisque we use is made from semi vitrified clay and after glazing and firing at 1000ºC is strong enough for every day use.
20 cm high and 4 cm wide

Prices -£6 for the standard items. Personalised markers £6 onwards.
Where to buy -
Standard range of herbs directly from our webshop  or make an appointment (also for personalised plant markers) to visit us 01635 253671. We're in Woolton Hill or come and see us at the various events we attend (see

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